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I had designed circus characters and made each one into a string puppet out of paper. These I photographed on a set.  Rather than producing a traditional story I produced four page layouts based around small alphabet poems.  The final arrangement of these four spell out the word HELP. H is for hearts that shatter in silence, E is for elegance that withers away, L is for loneliness with a liquid cure, P is for passion that has no reward.  I edited the original photos in photoshop and layered them together with textures and images that linked to the theme.

circus family


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I decided that I wanted to create 3d butterflies that I would display in specimen cabinets, the same as those in the museums I have visited.  Along with these will be a label with the name of each butterfly. The idea is if something is presented as evidence is it questioned? How the cabinet contains true stories of found species but what if the stories aren’t true?  I started off designing realistic butterflies that are not quite ‘true’ in design, having unusual wing patterns and extended it further to the materials they are made from included in the design.  I made the bodies out of wire and cotton thread and attached them to the different paper wings.  I have used paper because of how delicate it can be and scoured charity shops and my house for materials. I have used aged lined and square paper, maps, music sheets and book pages. I have also used old post cards and this has led me to add a journey theme to my design.

I plan to use a typewriter to add labels to my butterflies that will emphasis my ‘true?’ stories theme and will display them in cabinets and specimen trays. paper butterfliespaper butterflies

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Because of the gangly nature of my characters I decided to try making one as a string puppet. I made it out of a wire centre with paper and masking tape. Over a few weeks I made the strongman, female acrobat, circus master, horse rider, male acrobat and the Pierrot. I painted them white and used black cotton to stitch the eyes. With the clothing I used different types of paper and stitched them to the bodies. I kept to my original theme of browns and creams which worked well in giving the characters a quirky, darker feel.

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