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NACRO, the crime reduction charity, asked students from NWSAD to be involved in a community project involving three primary schools in the Caia Park area of Wrexham.  The initial plan was to go into the schools and create maps with the year 6s highlighting changes in their local environment. These will be then be produced on vinyl and displayed in the schools and local area.

At the first meeting with the other students who wanted to be involved, it became clear that  we didn’t really know what was expected of us. Whether it was NACRO, the schools, or us who were leading the project.  The map shape, the content of the drawings, the vinyl itself and where it was to be displayed were all issued that were discussed. We decided that on the first day we were to visit the schools, we would take large pieces of paper for the kids to draw on to give us an idea of their drawing abilities and the ideas they could come up with.

We visited all three schools on Thursday 26th February, Hafod Y Wern first, then St. Anne’s and finally Gwenfro.   Once the kids started to draw they got really into it and created some amazing illustrations.  Not all of the drawings were linked to what they wanted in their area or could realistically get but we felt it was good for them to express their imaginations and gain confidence in their ideas and drawing abilities.

I found it interesting chatting to the other girls afterwards about the sessions because I thought all the kids were supprisingly well behaved and I found it easier to chat to them about thier ideas when there was a higher child to adult ratio, whereas the other girls thought the opposite.  This is probably because I work with children so know when they are playing up.

At our next meeting we decided to get the children to draw individual drawings on A4 paper so we could scan them easily into photoshop. We also drew up three large maps of the area so the kids could directly place their ideas on the next time we visited.


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