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Design ideas

2D sketches—- These are just a few sketches showing different ways adults play. Fancy dress, jumping around and having a vivid imagination are some of the ideas i had thought of. With more work i could see the ideas being used in a advertising campaign to promote play.

3D paper construction—- My first idea was having a magazine pull out describing how to make an origami frog. I wanted the layout to be grid ‘adult like’ so the information is clear but that you actually end up with a childish toy you can jump across the table. Children learn through play and this is an activity where adults can also learn through playing with the paper. I then thought about how information could be revealed and displayed only by playing. Origami again would be very effective to use. When the paper is flat the text information cannot be read easily but when the charactor has been made it can be visable. The caractor can be used to advertise something relevent, eg a dog advertising a vetenary clinic. Or it could be a greetings card that someone gives to another which they have to make to reveal the message. I quite like this idea as it could be used in a quirky way. I then thought about other ways children use paper when playing and remebered how I used paper dress up dolls and finger puppets. I have just done some quick sketches of how they could be aimed more for adults. These I could also imagine in a magazine which the reader would cut out and play with.

Playing while recycling—- I was trying to think of ways to encourage adults to play with their children using an everyday event when i thought about recycling. I was literally looking at a Muller corner yogurt pot when i realised how it can be used as a puppet. I started drawing on it and ended up with a pretty good polar bear. ( I have since been asked to make a number of these for other people and my local Playgroup are using the design as a Christmas activity.) I was limited to only having a black marker pen so the next designs of a panda and a dog developed. It is such a simple thing to do, drawing a design in pen and sticking on two paper ears that im suprised i have never seen then before. Next using a plastic milk bottle I adapted an idea I had seen before to make an elephant by cutting the handle and sides to make a trunk and legs. This I am also impressed with because of how simple and easy it is to do. Using household waste is a great way to encourage adults to play with their kids and to educate about recycling.


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Quasar—- I work at the laser tag arena in Chester. It is one of the best places to see adults playing. They run around the arena wearing a body pack with sensors on and carry a gun that shoots lasers. When adults play the game they act and shout just like the children. I have written a log of the different things players say and have compared the different ages.
Office toys—- There are a lot of products that are aimed at encouraging adults to play. They are mostly small gadgets that people fiddle with or have to solve a problem with.
Advertising—- Some current adverts that have used the theme of play are Trident chewing gum, Ford car, Persil,
Go Ape—- Is an activity centre where there are rope swings and passages amongst the tops of trees. It is similar to Quasar in that both children and adults can play and enjoy the experience the same.
Alcohol—- This reduces peoples inhibitions and gives them more confidence. Men especially will act more childish by running around and climbing things. Children will move how they want and say what they are thinking and durnk adults are the same. Their unconcious minds become more apparent and therefore more accepting to a childs notion of play.

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what is play?—- social interaction, how children learn, freedom to imagine, freedom from rules, competition between friends

why do children stop playing?—-social expectations, more responsibilities, evolutionary to increase survival, some childs play becomes adult everyday life.

how do adults play?—-creative people still use imagination in their work, gadgets eg office toys and puzzles, sports but have strict rules, technology eg playstation games such as air guitar and call of duty where you control a virtual soldier rather than acting it out, alcohol reduces inhabitions eg men running around and climbing walls, go ape and quasar.

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The assignment title for my summer project 2008 is ‘Play’. Little confused at first how i was meant to create a service, product or communication piece to encourage play, but i scribbled down some initial ideas and have started to do some research. The definitions on the brief that particularly stood out to me was ‘being guided more by imagination than by fixed rules’ and ‘the removal of constraints’.

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